PBGC pays out $5.6b to retirees
of failed pension plans in 2017 (CIO.com)



PBGC Premiums have increased 366%
since 2005 (PBGC.gov)



The largest pension plans held by S&P 500
companies face a $348b funding gap (Bloomberg)



Our PensionExit™ strategy gets you moving forward today.


Trutina specializes in finding ways to aggressively remove large portions of your plan liability using proven time-tested methods – while making minimal changes in your plan’s status or service providers. We help simplify the process and cut through the maze of actuarial and insurance confusion. Our unique, tactical approach is designed to produce an immediate impact with the least disruption.




The key to successfully navigating a straightforward pension exit is to clearly understand the different options available to each group. That includes the motivation and mindset of individual participants. Trutina’s experience in participant engagement and behavior plays an essential role in creating a win-win scenario for both you and your participants.



pension piechart

Terminated Vested:
Separated from employment, owed a future benefit and have not reached retirement age.


Currently employed and owed a future benefit.


Retired employees who are 65+ and currently receiving benefits.




Trutina creates different strategies and timely communication campaigns for each of these groups to leverage cost savings techniques that are most attractive to each group. We can also gather responses and valuable data in advance from your participants to help us predict their likely decision making, which allows us to build and adjust our plan at each phase.





We specialize in clearly outlining the steps we take at each phase along with their impact. We work with you to help you understand the financial ramifications of each step and the balance of plan liability and assets.




Most plans have some type of funding gap, so that’s not a dead end for moving forward. To the contrary, you can take multiple steps while the plan is still underfunded to ultimately put your company and the plan in a better financial position by removing liability and reducing per participant operational costs.



Part of our PensionExit™ strategy includes helping you understand all of the different operational costs and per participant costs to running your plan. Waiting for better interest rates or market returns before taking any action, can cost your company more than you realize. In addition, pensions have inherent mortality, market and interest rate risk.



Our fundamental strategy involves focusing on the knowns, rather than trying to predict the unknowns. Too often we see companies suffer from analysis paralysis. They sit on the sidelines trying to forecast the future and predict how unknown variables will impact the plan. Fact is, we  have enough data today to provide predictive and accurate recommendations.




PBGC premiums continue to skyrocket out of control.


In 2019, plan sponsors will face another 8.1% increase in the flat rate, per participant portion of the premium, along with a 4.0% increase in the maximum per participant premium of $621. For a pension plan with 1,000 participants, up to $621,000 per year could now be diverted to the federal government rather than being used to pay benefits and improve the funded status of the plan.


      Variable Rate Premium




Premium Year

Per Head
Flat Rate


Per $1000 of
Unfundable benefits

Per Participant
Max Per
2019 $80 8.1% $43 $541 $621 4.0%
2018 $74 7.2% $38 $523 $597 1.9%
2017 $69 7.8% $34 $517 $586 3.9%
2016 $64 12.3% $29 $500 $564 18.7%
2015 $57 16.3% $24 $418 $475 3.0%
2014 $49 16.7% $14 $412 $461 4.3%
2013 $42 20.0% $9 $400 $442 N/A
2012 $35 16.7% $9 N/A N/A N/A


Source: Dietrich Annuity


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